The shop in short

Our address: Russia, Moscow ... (further information on request)
Our phone number: +7 (499) 741-21-53 (ask for Sergey Alexandrovitch). - you can find all information on our site

How to shop:

1. Chose the product from the list in the left column (to have more information about a product – left click on the image).
2. To order a product, chose the quantity and click on the cart.
3. In the shopping cart (blue button on the left) you will see all the product you chose and will be able to edit this list (remove a product, modify the quantity, remove everything form cart).
4. Press the Send order button in the bottom or on the left side of the page (blue Send order button) and fill in the customer details form. Then press Send Order (the order goes directly on our e-mail address). This procedure is required for payments via mail or bank transfers. For payments with credit cards – see below.
5. You can use our bank coordinates indicated on your shopping cart page to effect the payment, but we suggest that you wait until we send on your e-mail the confirmation of your order along with an invoice.
6. All the operations: the order, its payment and delivery must be confirmed by both sides.

Credit cards:   VISA EUROCARD Diners Club JCB  Union Card 

For those who pay with a credit card: in your Shopping card press the Credit card button. You will be transferred the "CyberPlat" secure SSL protocol server, where you will be asked to fill in the form with your credit card details. Our shop has to access to your credit card details! You can have more information about "CyberPlat" by pressing on the blue button left of the logo of the company.

Our rules and garanties can be found on the page Shopping Conditions (blue button with a car).

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